About the Bosque County Historical Commission

County historical commissions are authorized by State law to carry out a preservation program in each of Texas’ 254 counties. The Bosque County Historical Commission (BCHC) serves as the official organization for carrying out the State preservation program at the local level. The BCHC seeks to preserve, mark, and encourage appreciation of the historical in Bosque County and promote preservation through education and advocacy. The BCHC submits annual reports to the Texas Historical Commission describing ongoing preservation activity.

The BCHC currently has three standing committees: 1) the Cemetery Committee responsible for preservation of historic cemeteries in the county, 2)  the Archives Committee responsible for operating the Bosque County Collection, and 3) the Marker Committee responsible for State historical marker recommendations. The Commission normally meets on the second Friday of odd-numbered months (January, March, May, July, September and November) . Current members of the Bosque County Historical Commission are as follows:

Chairperson: Charles Ellis
Vice-Chairperson: Gene Blakley
Secretary: Bruce Wiland


CC Precinct 1

Albert Hunter, Meridian
Charles Ellis, Morgan
Beth King, Lakeside Village

CC Precinct 2

Eleanor Chaffin, Iredell
Gene Blakley, Iredell
LeAnne McCamey, Meridian
Bill Duncan, Meridian

CC Precinct 3

Jo Nell Meyer, Valley Mills
Valeria Whitney, Valley Mills

CC Precinct 4

Leon Smith, Clifton

Outside Bosque County

Garland Lively
Bruce Wiland
Ruth Crawford

Honorary Members
BeJay Allen, Hewitt TX
Alleen Tibbs, Valley Mills TX
Raymond Whitney, Valley Mills TX


Executive Committee:
Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, and Secretary
Chairpersons of each committee

Cemetery Committee (cemeteries@bosquechc.org):
LeAnne McCamey, Chairperson

Archives Committee:
Ruth Crawford, Chairperson
Bruce Wiland

Marker Committee (markers@bosquechc.org):
Jo Meyer

Pool Park Committee:

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