Membership in the BCC

In order to have funds for the operation of the Bosque County Collection, it is necessary to ask for annual membership donations from those persons interested in the preservation of historical materials pertaining to Bosque County. By contributing to the Bosque County Collection, you are entitled to receive the Bosque Letter, our quarterly newsletter. Patrons will be honored at our annual Preservation Awards luncheon held in March of each year.

Categories for tax-deductible membership donations:

Individual or Couple $25 - $49
Friend $50 - $99
Supporting $100 - $499
Benefactor $500 - $999
Patron $1000 and above

All membership donations should be sent to the Bosque County Collection, P.O. Box 534, Meridian TX 76665. Make checks payable to the Bosque County Collection.

Thank you very much for your contributions which will be used for the preservation of valuable historical material which are not being saved by any other organization and otherwise will be lost.