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This is an index of the names contained in a privately-maintained database with over 130,000 persons connected to Bosque County. The database contains ancestors, decendants, and more. Learn more about this database and obtaining additional information.

Name entry is not case-sensitive. Wildcards (%) are allowable in the first name and/or the last name and are encouraged when spelling may be an issue. Examples:

   Y% will find all names beginning with the letter "Y".
   N%ls%n will find Nelson, Neilson, Neilsen and similar variants.
   %ton will find all names ending in "ton".
   Using %John% in Given Names will find "John" whether it is a first name or middle name.

Given Names include both the first name and any middle names, so if you are searching for someone by first name, you should almost always use the % wildcard after the first name or it will not find it if there is also a middle name.

A maximum of 1000 records will be returned, so you should not be overly broad in your search request.

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