U. S. Census for Bosque County

This page provides indexes to names for the census years 1860 through 1940. For genealogists, census records can provide important clues to other records. There are also Historical Census Statistics for the census years 1860 through 2010 including total county population at the bottom of this page. 

Indexes by Year and Surname

These indexes were compiled by volunteers of the Bosque County Historical Commission and are being printed here with the permission of the Commission. These electronic pages are for your personal use only. They may NOT be reproduced in any format for presentation or profit by any other organization or persons.  

For each of the available census years, the census has been indexed alphabetically by surname for each "head of household" and for surnames not matching the "head of household". This means that the wives and children are not usually included in the index. Note: In many instances, the spelling of the names in this index may not reflect what is shown in the actual census. When a person has been positively identified, many of the spellings in the index have have been corrected, changed, or expanded  to assist in finding a person. The indexes are routinely updated as misspellings and transcription errors in the index and in the original census pages are identified. These indexes were last updated on 19 Apr 2003. Please report any spelling errors to the webmaster. Read Using the Indexes and Full Census, especially if you are having a problem finding someone you believe should be there

The pre-printed register page number and the recorded family number is shown for each individual in the index. Click on the desired alphabetic range by the year below to view the index. The link to "Column Headings" gives a description of the information in each column of the full census page for the given census year. The link to "ED Locations" gives a description of the enumeration district locations (and in some cases a map) for the given census year.

1860    A-F    G-L    M-R    S-Z    Column Headings    ED Locations    Data Summary
1870    A-F    G-L    M-R    S-Z    Column Headings    ED Locations    Data Summary
1880    A-F    G-L    M-R    S-Z    Column Headings    ED Locations    Data Summary
1890    destroyed by fire (click here for more information on the fire and for alternative information from the 1888 County Directory)
1900    A-F    G-L    M-R    S-Z    Column Headings    ED Locations    Data Summary
1910    A-F    G-L    M-R    S-Z    Column Headings    ED Locations    Data Summary
1920    A-F    G-L    M-R    S-Z    Column Headings    ED Locations    Data Summary
1930    A-F    G-L    M-R    S-Z    Column Headings    ED Locations    Data Summary
1940    A-F    G-L    M-R    S-Z    Column Headings    ED Locations    Data Summary
1950   1950 Bosque Census

Bosque County was created in 1854 from McLennan County which was created in 1850 from Milam County. For the 1850 census, any persons living within the current boundaries of Bosque County would be shown in Milam County. Click here to see a map of the 1850 census county boundaries (shown in green) in the vicinity of what is now Bosque County.

Using the Indexes and Full Census

Microfilm of the full census record for each of the census years 1860-1920 (except 1890) can be viewed at the Bosque County Collection. A printed version is available for viewing for the years 1860 and 1870. The full census record contains a great deal of data and varies from year to year. The Collection can mail you a copy of a census page for a nominal fee. 

Do not place too much confidence in the ages given in the census if you have other evidence to the contrary. The ages were often incorrect and for older persons could be off by 10 years or more. The ages in the 1900 census are the most reliable since the month and year of birth were also reported, but even the year in the 1900 census can be incorrect since it was often back-calculated from the age.

If you are having difficulty finding someone that you believe should be present in a given census year, there may be several reasons: 

1) The name could have easily been misspelled by the enumerator. Try using other spellings that may sound similar. This misspelling problem is especially true for Norwegian names in the 1870 Bosque County census. In fact, many of the Norwegian names are so badly spelled as to make the families unfindable except by looking at first names of children in the full census record and finding a family that fits. 

2) The first name and last name may have been transposed. Some names make it difficult to determine which is the first and which is the last name. If you are looking for a name in which the last name can also be a first name, try reversing the names and search again.

3) Since handwriting is often difficult to decipher and sometimes virtually illegible, there may be transcription errors. This is especially true for names that begin with "S". In some of the older handwriting, the capital "S" looked very much like an "L". Searching for first names may sometimes uncover a transcription error in the last name. If you find errors in the transcriptions, please report them to the webmaster.

4) The person may have been born shortly after the census day or died shortly before the census day. The census day is often misunderstood. The information given to the census taker was to be correct on the census day. That was usually not the same day as the census was actually taken. People who had died between the census day and the day the enumerator came to the house were to be listed as though they were alive on the census day. Babies born after the census day were to be omitted because they had not yet been born on census day. The census day for 1860 through 1900 was June 1. The census day for 1910 was April 15 and the census day for 1920 was January 1.   

If you are fairly certain a name should be the census and cannot find it, read this.

Historical Census Statistics

The following are the historical population figures for Bosque County based on the federal U.S. Census. Additional statistical information for each year can be obtained by clicking on the year.

Year Population
1860 2,005
1870 4,981
1880 11,217
1890 14,224
1900 17,390
Year Population
1910 19,013
1920 18,032
1930 15,720
1940 15,761
1950 11,836
Year Population
1960 10,809
1970 10,966
1980 13,401
1990 15,125
2000 17,204
Year Population
2010 18,212
2020 18,235